LLB- 3 Years

LLB- University of London


The LLB University of London is offered through our partners and is taught at MCHE School of Law the LLB is internationally recognized. It is a qualifying law degree which means that you can progress directly into the Bar or solicitors program in the UK or be admired as an Advocate of Punjab /Pakistan Bar Council than transfer under qualified lawyers transfer test to do our Bar Transfer Program at MCHE School of Law.

Our degree emphasises an understanding of law in context. We aim to encourage a broad outlook on legal issues, an understanding of the functions of law and of the legal system, and an appreciation of the place of rules of law in the construction of politics and society. Students learn that law is not a body of knowledge stored in libraries, but a presence all around us, constantly evident in our social, civil and business interactions. To study law with us is not to amass large quantities of stored information, but to explore key issues of fundamental importance to society.


Duration : 3 Years

Course Overview

The LLB abbreviation stems from the Latin Legum Baccalaureus, which translates to Bachelor of Laws, meaning that the actual degree classification is equivalent to that of a BA or a BSc.
The LLB Bachelor of Laws degree offered through our partners and MCHE teaches you to understand and critically analyse the rules and institutions which society establishes to secure and promote justice and order.
… The LLB course is a literature-heavy one, and you’ll be expected to complete a lot of reading over your time studying it.
Our teaching Staff are highly qualified and experienced lawyers and will teach you make sure you pass
In addition to the LLB degree, the MCHE offers a flexible double degree programme ATHE Diploma in law

LLB Year 1 Units

» Legal System and Method
» Criminal law
» Elements of the law of contract
» Public law

LLB Year 2 Units

» Property
» Tort Law
» EU
» International Protection of Human Rights or Commercial Law

LLB Year 3 Units

» Trust Law
» Islamic Law
» Alternate Dispute Resolution
» Jurisprudence

Progression Routes

Progress to Solicitors Qualifying Examination (SQE) , Bar Training course (BTC) and
Or admission with Punjab Bar Council as advocate

Entry Requirements

Age: 18 +
• 3 A levels qualification in law or Diploma in legal studies(Pearson) or the ATHE Level 3 Diploma in Law
• Equivalent international qualifications


Assessments for all units are offered in a number of assessment cycles throughout each year. All modules, except the Year Project are assessed by assignments and/or examinations


Tution Fees : £4750 per year | Session 2019-2020

University of London examination, Registration and Assessment fee to be confirmed