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Bar Transfer Test (BTT)
Preparation Course

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Bar Transfer Test courses are extremely flexible in terms of study and lecture times. Taking the right course will give you a much better chance of success with your BTT so be sure to compare the study options available from the top BTT training course providers


MCHE is able to offer the Bar Transfer Test (BTT) as a preparation course from our Lahore Campus. Candidates at MCHE, Lahore, will have the opportunity to study at one of the leading legal colleges in Pakistan.

The BTT is a test for solicitors and lawyers from overseas jurisdictions transferring to the Bar of England and Wales.

Please note all candidates must for the BTT eligibility certificate from the Bar Council before they are eligible to take the BTT.

There are 2 sittings of the BTT each year with BPP, one in March/April and one in August/September.

The Bar Standards Board has placed information about the BTT course on their website. This contains useful information on the exam requirements and some guidance for returning candidates.

MCHE has expert tutors with hands-on professional experience to assist candidates in preparation for the course.

Some courses offered at MCHE may offer candidates exemptions from Part A of the BTT and candidates are invited to check with the admissions office at MCHE who can provide further guidance.

If a candidate has a query regarding obtaining an exemption for any part of the training or the test for the BTT, they should contact the Bar Standards Board’s Authorisation Committee at the following email address:

The BTT enables candidates who are qualified lawyers in other jurisdictions to transfer to the jurisdiction of England Wales without needing to undertake the full course of education and training in England and Wales.

Part A

1. Public Law (Constitutional, Administrative Law and Human Rights)

2. Law of the European Union

3. Criminal Law

4. Obligations (Contract, Restitution and Tort)

5. Property/Land Law

6. Equity and the Law of Trusts

7. English Legal System

Part B

8. Advocacy; (Oral assessments consisting Civil applications, Cross examination and Examination in Chief)

9. Civil Litigation and Evidence

10. Criminal Litigation, Evidence and Sentencing

11. Professional Ethics


Subject to approval of Bar Council Leaner may be eligible for exemption from Part A on completion of level 4 /5 Diploma in law at MCL LAHORE


BPP law school Uk Proposed dates March and April 2020


3 to 6 months


Assessments for all units are offered in a number of assessment cycles throughout each year. All modules, except the Year Project are assessed by assignments and/or examinations


Tuition fee: £4750 per year | Session 2019-2020